Automated Warehouse System

An International material handling customer’s warehouse production output was running at full capacity and with throughput set to increase by an additional 3,000 incoming containers and 2,500 outgoing packages per hour, the customer needed to expand their warehouse operations to accommodate this increase.


Project objective:

  1.  Install a modern fully automated control system able to cope with current & future demand
  2.  Reduce the high level of manual intervention currently experienced at the existing warehouse


New arrangement to incorporate:

  1.  A goods in area, consisting of several infeed lanes, parcel measuring and barcode marking stations
  2.  A fully automated high-volume storage and retrieval system (ASRS)
  3.  120 operator work stations for value added services
  4.  2 floors of product storage
  5.  16 out-loading lanes for packing and despatch for shipping.
  6.  Systems to allow for the re-use and recycling of old cartons and the dispensing of new cartons



  • Project Management
  • Design of electrical hardware solution, including integration of field devices on various networks and all cabling:
    1. 400V 3-phase for motor power
    2. 230V single phase and 24V DC for control power
    3. Industrial control networks – ProfiNet, ProfiSafe, ProfiBus, Ethernet & ASi
  • Design of Software system to convey (and where appropriate, identify, mark and track) packages, managing throughput, routing packages to their correct destinations and preventing hold-ups or collisions
  • Interface to Warehouse Control System and other 3rd party equipment; barcode printers, weigh-scales and profilers
  • Installation/electrical connection of new equipment;
    1. 100 Leuze Bar Code Scanners
    2. 240 Siemens Emergency Stops
    3. 1000+ Photocell Sensors
    4. 300 SEW Motors
    5. 8 Siemens S7-300F series PLCs
    6. Siemens ET200SP remote I/O
    7. Zenon SCADA
    8. TP-700 comfort panel and KTP-700 mobile panel HMIs
    9. Mobile docking stations
  • Commissioning and testing