Allseas Audacia Pipe Laying Vessel

The Allseas Audacia is a pipe laying vessel converted from a bulk carrier to lay pipes under the sea. Pipe sections are loaded from a barge moored alongside, or from the hold, and conveyed to the stern. The pipe is then transferred across to the central ‘S-Lay tunnel’ by the Transverse Buggy.  The Abutment drive presses the front of the pipe to the rear of the previous pipe. The pipe then passes to the Track Support and the Welding Trolley clamps to the pipe and moves forward with it while the pipe join is welded. The pipe then continues through the Tensioner to the bow and out over the Stringer and into the sea with the tension controlled by the Tensioner to cater for the movement of the ship.


  • Project Management
  • Design, Supply and Commissioning variable speed drives
  • Supply of 44 Gear Motor units
  • Control Panel Build & Test
  • Siemens PLC
  • Drive communication from plc via optical Profibus and Siemens OLM converters
  • Variable Speed Drives designed using Vacon NXP series converters
  • Designed to IP54 rating with air/water coolers for wide temperature range cooling water