7000T Carousel

The six motors each rated 110Kw with 175% overload for 40 secs were required to rotate the 7000 tonne carousel at speeds and loads to match the widely variable conditions encountered during the pipe laying operation. Additional service supplies were also provided for deck lighting, hydraulics and general distribution.


  • Project Management
  • Designed & Built Drive System in modified ISO container with thermal insulation
  • Control Techniques “Unidrive” variable-speed AC Drives
  • Master/slave operation with built-in redundancy
  • Temperature regulation by Air Conditioning
  • Siemens S7-PLC with UPS backup
  • Three communication networks used:
    • Profibus for the communication between the PLC and the drives
    • Control Techniques proprietary CTnet for communication between drives for load sharing
    • Ethernet for communication between the PLC and the SCADA system
  • Emergency stop system - Pilz safety relays