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Why I work for iconsys
And iconsys works for me

So, what’s the attraction and career satisfaction? Here’s what some of our employees have to say:
“iconsys engineer and deliver interesting and diverse projects that cover many industries and technologies. It is this variety that makes working in the engineering team both challenging and rewarding. This, coupled with a professional and friendly team that is committed to delivering success both for our customers and for the company and a management team that is open and welcoming…”
Principal Engineer
“I started at iconsys as a young apprentice. Initially I worked on-site at our clients’ manufacturing facilities and installations sites, then progressed onto larger projects. I have come a long way over the years, matured with wisdom, job satisfaction and a helping hand. I am currently studying for an engineering degree and mentoring trainee CAD designers.”
Installations Manager
“The varied and thought-provoking projects undertaken by iconsys has provided me the tools and opportunities to improve as an individual. A friendly team coupled with freedom and trust has helped me grow to become a better engineer. iconsys strive to improve and this drive and ambition is reflected on the staff who work here.”
Controls Engineer
“Simply put, the people! iconsys creates a relaxed yet professional team atmosphere which fosters support, career development and promotes much required work / life balance. To be part of an extremely resourceful pool of engineering talent with decades of tried and tested experience is truly invaluable. Working with a great team in a great environment is what makes iconsys an…”
Lead Engineer
“Over the years we have established ourselves as a complete manufacturing hardware solution provider to an assorted mix of customers wanting different specifications. We are able to offer the highest level of workmanship and output quality, something I am very proud to put my name to.”
Service & Manufacturing Manager
“iconsys have financed and given me the opportunity along with two other colleagues to study Electronic & Electrical Engineering on a day release at Staffordshire University. Not only am I learning on the job, but I will be qualified and be given the chance to progress within the company.”
Installations Techncian
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