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TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS DRIVE CONTROL AUTOMATION As a leading Global Drive Control and Automation System Integrator we use a considered portfolio of products to deliver robust reliable and flexible solutions to meet the most challenging process requirements. 1 COMPANY OVERVIEW CAPABILITY FULL TURNKEY PROJECTS PRE-CONTRACT CONSULTANCY CONTRACT DEVELOPMENTS POST-CONTRACT SERVICES TECHNOLOGIES DRIVE CONTROL SYSTEMS SERVO SYSTEMS PLC SYSTEMS SAFETY SYSTEMS SCADA HMI SYSTEMS DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEMS MESERP MIS SYSTEMS MACHINE VISION SYSTEMS MOTOR CONTROL CENTRES NETWORKS ROBOTICS TRANSFORMER RECTIFIERS SIMULATION EMULATION ACCREDITATIONS PARTNERS INDUSTRY STANDARDS 3 5 6 6 6 7 10 11 14 15 18 19 22 23 26 27 30 31 34 35 2 OVERVIEW Iconsys is a leading UK Automation solutions provider and systems integrator using the latest Automation technologies to deliver best-in-class solutions to help our customers achieve their businesses objectives. Established in 1987 Iconsys has an outstanding track record of successfully completed projects. We are specialists in the design manufacture and commissioning of integrated solutions incorporating multiple variable speed drives servos PLCs and SCADA with a vast experience of integration to higher business systems. With our extensive Engineering skills and the range of Technologies offered we can provide and implement solutions successfully across a wide range of Industries as can be seen by our case studies. 3 4 4 Our wealth of experience in implementing large complex projects across an array of industry sectors has equipped Iconsys with the expertise to offer a complete full turnkey project management service from the initial pre-contractual conceptualisation through to post-contract customer support packages. A Project Manager is assigned to each project to provide a single point of contact throughout the projects life cycle managing all aspects of the project to meet the agreed strategic project milestones that are critical to delivering the required project solution both on time and to budget. FULL TURNKEY PROJECTS Full In-House solutions Our full in-house turnkey project service can include Principal Contractor role in CDM Construction Design Management full design specifications for approval Hardware and Software design CAD Panel manufacture and test system simulation installation commissioning acceptance testing training post-completion maintenance and service assistance. CAPABILITY Horizontally Functional mechanical and energy - efficient integration of the drivetrain along the energy flow - from converters motor generators coupling to gear unit. Lifecycle Complementary service and software supporting the entire lifecycle of the project Contract Development Post-ContractPre-Contract Consultancy Gearbox Coupling Motor Drive 5 Vertically Integration of the drivetrain and control system along the information flow all the way to MES level. We are on hand to advise on the most effective process for the project to be successful developing the Customer-Supplier relationship into a mutually beneficial partnership. We can provide the full range of services that can be tailor-made to meet the application and budget. CONTRACT DEVELOPMENTS A full range of Post-Contract Services and Customer Care Packages can be provided to suit the needs of the organisation and the people within. These range from product application and process training to tailor-made 247 service packages providing on site or remote support. All these services help to assist in eliminating risks. POST-CONTRACT SERVICES We are available to provide Project Management Complete System Specification Hardware Software Design Application Development Test Strategy Methodology Docs Manufacturing Module Integrated Testing System Emulation Simulation Sitework Planning and Design Site Installation Works Virtual Commissioning System Commissioning Operation Maintenance Manuals We are available to provide System Training 247 Support Contracts Remote Access Support Planned Maintenance Maintenance Contracts Operate and Maintain Contracts Technical Construction Files Maintenance Documentation Packages 6 Our pre-contract consultancy aim is to ensure that every detail and objective relating to the project are taken into accountandincorporatedduringthepre-tenderandtendering phase. The main emphasis is on implementing the correct solution to suit the needs of the client. PRE-CONTRACTCONSULTANCY We are available to provide Feasibility Studies Overall Concept Design User Requirement Specifications System Simulation Design Specifications Development of End User Standards Simultaneous Engineering Engineering Pilot Risk Assessment DRIVE CONTROL SYSTEMS Iconsyshasover25yearsofexperienceincomplexdrivesystemssolutions. We are specialists in the design and implementation of AC and DC multiple drive systems our understanding of both technologies enhances our ability to deliver turnkey multi-drive solutions. Whether it is a complete new system or refurbishment Iconsys have the experience and knowledge to provide the desired outcome. We are experts in the planning and installation of sophisticated systems for numerous applications to many industries. Using the latest programmable hardware we deliver software solutions for the most complex drive systems. Be it speed tension or position control we have the knowledge to provide the requirements. Our experience in Drive Technologies technical expertise and project management combine to make Iconsys a viable system integrator partner. We have the reputation for comprehensive analysis of each project looking at all possibilities in order to eliminate risk deliver future-proof solutions and installing peace of mind. 7 8 9 SERVO SYSTEMS The growth in use of servo drive systems in recent years has increased our application capabilities and expanded our ability as a solution provider. Where high speed and accurate position control is required we can introduce complex servo systems either as a replacement to existing control or as an enhancement. In either case we have internal capabilities and experience to deliver the optimum system for every project. 10 PLC SYSTEMS PLCs Programmable Logic Controllers provide the foundation for most industrial control systems whatever the market sector. Whether the control system is small large complex distributed etc we can provide the solution to meet the needs of the application and budget. Distributed systems Safety systems Dual Redundant systems can all be designed and integrated into the desired application. As an approved Systems Integrator for all the major PLC suppliers our team of expert PLC Hardware and Software engineers can provide a PLC system tailor-made to suit the application and budget needs either as a replacement to the existing control system or as an enhancement. 11 12 13 SAFETY SYSTEMS With Safety being the number one priority it is at the forefront of all of our engineering designs. Whether this is incorporating safety hardware into standard applications or designing highly complex multi-level systems we have the experience necessary to meet all latest British and European Safety Legislation. Our ability to design and validate complex systems for all applications allows us to be a market leader in the design and implementation of safety control systems across all industry sectors. To achieve this all of our TUV certified Engineers regularly attend safety system seminars and courses in order to keep up to date with the latest changes. 14 SCADA HMI SYSTEMS With the rapid advance of PC technology SCADA and HMIs have become an integral part of most integrated control systems and the primary interface for the process operator. High definition complex interactive graphics provide sophisticated ease of the control process as well as data acquisition and monitoring. Our experience ranges from the advent of SCADAHMI systems to the latest technology available today providing bespoke tailor-made sophisticated control across all industry sectors. We have considerable experience when it comes to upgrading legacy systems by either converting or upgrading the existing configuration or re-engineering the existing system to provide an up to date state of the art control system. 15 16 17 DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEMS DCS or Distributed Control System provides highly scalable solutions for Process Industries. We can select the most cost effective solution for the application and have the experience to design and build solutions for Continuous Batch and Hybrid processes. These processes are configured maintained and flexible from a central location to the highest distribution of IO devices to suit the application normal hazardous special instrumentation safetyetc. 18 MESERP MIS SYSTEMS A major area for potential improvement is the collection collation analysis and historical storage of the data that is available across manufacturing plants via the installed base of automation systems. Yet even today many organisations are not using this data to its full potential. The ability to easily measure and drive production efficiency improvements identify where energy is being wasted as well as the ability to link the MESERP MIS system to Factory Automation to track and streamline processes and provide management visibility locally or remotely. Using PCs or hand held devices has never been easier. Essential for Sustainable Manufacturing Iconsys has the knowledge and capability to take you there. 19 20 21 MACHINE VISION SYSTEMS Essential for Track and Trace as well as product inspection and quality control. Camera and digital inspection systems are now an integral part of modern control systems and essential for high speed decision making in manufacturing and logistics. Iconsys has the knowledge and experience of configuring networking and integrating camera and inspection systems for a complete solution. Machine vision implemented with the latest RFID tagging system provide the robust and reliable tracking solutions for the most onerous high speed applications. 22 MOTOR CONTROL CENTRES Whatever the industry or application electric motors are required to drive plant and equipment. These are not always driven by sophisticated varible speed drive solutions it is often advantageous and more cost effective to control these motors from dedicated Motor Control Centres MCC. We provide MCCs either as a stand alone system or integrated into the larger project solution. We design manufacture install and commission standard or bespoke MCCs incorporating the hardware of the worlds leading suppliers to suit the application and environment. We take into account international design standards and certification ingress protection and segregation requirements in order to provide the solution to meet all needs. 23 24 25 NETWORKS Whether it be a single point-to-point communication project or complex multi-drive SCADA PLC and multi-device automation solution flexibility of communication protocol is critical to ensure that all types of hardware communicate efficiently. We have experience of all communication platforms and protocols. Networks have traditionally utilised copper and fibre optic media but now include the latest wireless radio leaky coax mobile and optical solutions. New installations can be high performance Safe Wireless and with complex multi-devices. While retrofit projects also include networks to obscure legacy systems. 26 ROBOTICS The growth of Industrial Robots across many industries has been extensive and rapid. Robots are critical components to ensure quality speed and repeatability in manufacturing. These can be traditional heavy duty Robots as used across the Automotive industry with tool changer systems through to smaller Delta robots for rapid pick and place applications. Iconsys can provide Robot integration services for the major Robot manufacturers programming commissioning teaching network interfacing with supervisory control systems. 27 28 29 TRANSFORMER RECTIFIERS ICONSYS supply Transformer Rectifiers for industrial and harsh environments. This includes diverse applications such as on-board military or FPSO ships in confined spaces within Oil Rig Platforms to less onerous Power Stations. Applications include Water Cooled Transformer Rectifiers with Titanium Water to Air Heat Exchangers for ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas which require Ingress Levels up to IP66. Typically these would be Stainless Steel 316 Cubicles which are also full load tested in our in house heat test chamber at ambient temperatures up to 50 deg C. Typically Oil and Gas solutions would be Ex P Purge and Pressurised units and can include PLC Control Panels as Ex nR units. Currents to 4000 Amps with Voltages up to 200 V DC have been designed. In harsh environments where mild steel cabinets are accepted these are typically marine standard wet paint finished assemblies which can be supplied to local or international standards such as Norsok. 30 SIMULATION EMULATION Iconsys can offer Automation System Simulation services from several powerful solutions including WinMOD and PICS. Simulation software simulates real-world systems and machines controlled by PLC or DCS systems. The entire system communications sequencing interlocking HMISCADA and alarms can be tested all emergency faults can be verified and operators trained prior to the system becoming operational. With Simulation software control system errors can be swiftly identified in the office allowing new processes to be implemented quickly and accurately thereby avoiding the high cost of production downtime. The software allows the creation of a dynamic model on a PC that duplicates the behaviour of the IO devices providing the control system with simulated device feedback. The main benefits of simulation software is identifying and eliminating system problems early in the project cycle reducing the Hot commissioning time on site project delays risk reduction right first time and potentially overall cost reduction. 31 32 33 ACCREDITATIONS Iconsys is committed to quality and is accredited to Quality Management System registered to ISO90012008 with a UKAS approved agency. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and are registered to ISO140012004 Environmental Management System with a UKAS approved agency. We are dedicated to safe working practices and are members of the British Safety Council and are registered in the Safecontractor scheme. 34 PARTNERS As one of the UKs leading system integrators we believe that our Solutions Partners play a pivotal role in the strategy solutions and support that we offer our customers. That is why we carefully select our Partners as we believe they must be reliable cost effective globally available and innovative in their approach. Iconsys incorporate three major areas into our management system process INDUSTRY STANDARDS Iconsys design and manufacture bespoke electrical and electronic control systems for a diverse range of industries. BS EN 60204 Directive - Safety of machinery. Electrical equipment of machines Directive 200642EC - Machinery Directive Directive 200695EC - Low Voltage Directive LVD Directive 2004108EC - Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC BS EN ISO 13849 Directive - Safety of machinery. Safety-related parts of control systems BS ENIEC 62061 Directive - Safety of machinery. Functional safety of electrical control systems BS EN 61439 Directive - Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies ATEX Directive 949EC - Protect employees from explosion risk in areas with explosive atmosphere Each industry and client be it European or global have their own unique standards which we comply with on a project basis. Typically we adhere to the following standards 35 36 Iconsys is a trading name of Independent Control Systems Ltd 44 01952 607300 Iconsys Iconsys House Hortonwood 33 Telford TF1 7EX