We have the flexibility to provide quick and simple or complex turnkey projects in various levels of sophistication, value, multi or single technologies and in many industries.  The level of Project Management is determined by these factors, together with the requirements of our customers and the overall project scope to minimise risk to all stakeholders.

Full Turnkey Projects

Our wealth of experience in implementing large complex projects across an array of industry sectors has equipped Iconsys with the expertise to offer a complete full turnkey project management service, from the initial pre-contract conceptualisation through to post-contract customer support packages.

A Project Engineer is assigned to each project to provide a single point of contact throughout the project’s life cycle, managing all aspects of the project to meet the agreed strategic project milestones that are critical to delivering the required project solution, both on time and on budget.

Full In-House solutions

Our full in-house turnkey project service can include Principal Contractor role in CDM (Construction Design & Management), full design specifications for approval, Hardware and Software design, CAD, Panel manufacture and test, system simulation, installation, commissioning, acceptance testing, training, post-completion maintenance and service assistance.



Pre-Contract Consultancy

Our pre-contract consultancy aim is to ensure that every detail and objective relating to the project are taken into account and incorporated during the pre-tender and tendering phase.  The main emphasis is on implementing the correct solution to suit the needs of the client.


We are available to provide:

  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Overall Concept Design
  • User Requirement Specifications
  • System Simulation
  • Design Specifications
  • Development of End User Standards
  • Simultaneous Engineering
  • Engineering Pilot
  • Risk Assessment

Contract Developments

We are on hand to advise on the most effective process for the project to be successful, developing the Customer-Supplier relationship into a mutually beneficial partnership.  We can provide the full range of services that can be tailor-made to meet the application and budget.


We are available to provide:

  • Project Management
  • Complete System Specification 
  • Hardware & Software Design 
  • Application Development 
  • Test Strategy & Methodology Docs 
  • Manufacturing
  • Module & Integrated Testing
  • System Emulation / Simulation 
  • Sitework Planning and Design 
  • Site Installation Works
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • System Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Post-Contract Services

A full range of Post-Contract Services and Customer Care Packages can be provided to suit the needs of the organisation and the people within.  These range from product, application and process training to tailor-made 24/7 service packages providing on site or remote support.  All these services help to assist in eliminating the risks.


We are available to provide:

  • System Training 
  • 24/7 Support Contracts
  • Remote Access Support
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Maintenance Contracts 
  • Operate and Maintain Contracts
  • Technical Construction Files
  • Maintenance Documentation Packages

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